Technical talent is a scarcity and every company must use this sparingly. A good connection with the labor market is very important for all companies. Reputation is something we take very seriously and we do our best to ensure that it is maintained throughout all our interactions. At Newen, we are in daily contact with specialists and industry experts who want to contribute meaningful work to society.

Newen works with companies that take the lead in providing the world with sustainable energy and contribute to the energy transition. This makes us unique, the first staffing agency in the industry that chooses to work only on sustainable energy projects.

With our core values, we are able to select the right professionals for your organization.

Our Services

Newen specializes in job placement and recruitment solutions on a structural or project basis. Depending on the need, we offer tailor-made solutions in the form of interim recruitment, recruitment and selection, project secondment or temporary-to-permanent.
We want nothing to stand in the way of achieving the sustainable goals of your organization.

Headhunting & Executive Search

Finding the right employees can be undesirably time-consuming. Newen is in talks with professionals from the renewable energy sector daily. By working closely with your organization, we are able to better understand the specific needs of your organizations. We match your opportunity with the right candidate looking for their next challenge.

We strive to have all professionals in our network in the right place and position, whether that is at their current company or a new employer. This way, we can guarantee objectivity and results. With refined intuition we deliver promising candidates.


Secondment is ideal for temporarily reinforcing a project or even a short consultation.
We have an extensive network of professionals that we know well. Depending on the desired profile, we can provide you with a suitable professional to support your organization and its goals.

Recruitment support

Do you need a recruitment expert who can fill multiple vacancies for a short- or long-term period? If your organization is expanding rapidly, it can benefit cooperation and quality to closely involve Newen as an interim recruitment partner in your company. Newen has experience in facilitating fast-growing companies and, if necessary, can deliver long-term recruitment support.