Lead the Future of Energy

We have to go back to zero

Every year we emit 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, raising the Earth's temperature. A rise in temperature has disastrous consequences for people and nature.

To stop climate change, we need to curb the greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere. This requires a technological transformation to produce more clean, reliable and affordable energy. We have to look for innovations or alternatives to stimulate sustainability and circularity. At Newen, we
challenge companies and professionals to take this responsibility.

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Working with a purpose? We recruit with a purpose!

Our mission is to inspire technical talents to pursue their true ideals in their careers. Making an impact for a more sustainable world. We connect talents to sustainable energy projects and with employers who are active in the sustainable energy sector.


What we do

Newen specializes in job placement and offers recruitment solutions on a structural or project basis. Depending on the need, we offer tailor-made solutions in the form of interim recruitment, recruitment and selection or project secondment. We want nothing to stand in the way of achieving the sustainable goal of your organization.

What we believe in

We believe that through good cooperation we can make clean, reliable and affordable energy available to everyone. There are plenty of specialists who can tackle the technical challenges to make the energy transition possible. We bridge the gap between the traditional energy industry and the renewable energy sector, challenging technical specialists to work for a more sustainable world.

Who we are

Newen is a recruitment agency that connects technical specialists with clients active in the sustainable energy sector. We work together with technical specialists who want to work with a purpose. Our customers we serve and the specialists who work for Newen are concerned with sustainable energy and circularity.

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